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A Star is Born ⭐️

Last year I watched the Lady Gaga documentary on Netflix, Five Foot Two. She was raw, honest and wasn’t afraid of being filmed with a bare face. She opening right up to her inner struggles and let viewers right in for the ride. I got like I get when I watch a few of these kinds of things, I fell in love with Lady Gaga all over again.

When I heard about this new movie with Bradley Cooper I was intrigued. We’ve all seen musicians do movies and flop, hard. But what made me really keep an eye out for the movies release date was all the absolutely beautiful and no doubt true (I’ve seen her doco I know her now) things that Bradley was saying about Gaga.

Anyway incomes Saturday night, Dad wants an early night in so I’m off to the movies solo.
I’ve ordered enough popcorn, soft drink & hot jam doughnuts that I could easily be mistaken for re stocking the Gold Class candy bar on my way through to my movie.

Coopers performance is impressive, then enters Gaga and she holds her own beside his smoldering everything. Their chemistry together is magnetic. As soon as they are on stage together… I’ve been interrupted with a weather report that I didn’t know was coming.. rain, in my eyes. And quiet abit of a down pour.

Tears streamed down my face as they took the stage together and in turn fell in love.

As the movie rolled on the storm in my eyes started to get worse, I could feel them getting puffier and puffier and you know that weird cry where it sounds like you’re trying to silence an over active piglet but it’s not working and the piglet is just getting more and more worked up, yeah well that kind of cry.

I was sure the guy two seats across from me was going to tell me to put a choc top in it. I had Usain Bolted to the toilets to grab some toilet paper and by the time the movie was done, the paper was pretty much pulp.

I was still balling walking out of the movies, I was still balling in the car park. And no, not strutting through the crowded cinemas acting like whatever rapper is cool now, not that kind of balling. Think an Orca whale calling her baby calf noise, with bloodshot eyes and a face that in short, looks like a bloated baboons ass, caught in a hailstorm of tears. In fact I was still crying that much in the car park that a lady stopped me and asked if I was okay.

I got to the car and I had my usual crying face and eyes on. You know the one that looks like you’ve just spend the last 4 years in an over chlorinated pool. Yeah well that’s me.

Here’s a pic of me after the movie when I arrived home.

Go see this movie, it was defiantly worth my ugly crying face.

  • Hayleigh