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Dear Body

Dear body, I’m sorry for all the times I’ve physically hurt you, scarred you, deprived you, punished you, pushed you to breaking point, spoke horribly about you, put you down, was embarrassed by you and criticised you. It is a… Read More »Dear Body

The year that was 2019

And that’s a wrap for us in 2019. Here are some of the things we have participated in and given our time to this year.We continued to use social media to raise mental health literacy and raise awareness about events… Read More »The year that was 2019

The Full Circle.

My name is Hayleigh. I am a dental nurse, a netball goal shooter, a movie buff and one hell of an Aunty. I am the oldest of 4 siblings, 1 boy and two other girls.We grew up on a flower… Read More »The Full Circle.

A Star is Born ⭐️

Last year I watched the Lady Gaga documentary on Netflix, Five Foot Two. She was raw, honest and wasn’t afraid of being filmed with a bare face. She opening right up to her inner struggles and let viewers right in… Read More »A Star is Born ⭐️

This time, last year.

For Bens 21st birthday he received a $500 flight centre voucher from his friends.Most normal 21 year olds would want to either go crazy on a boy’s trip away or venture off on an immediate family getaway with their baby… Read More »This time, last year.

Hocking House Rules

These are/were the Hocking house rules. I remember Mum buying it and then trying every night over the course of about 2 weeks before she realized the cross stitch was above her pay grade. She took it down to a… Read More »Hocking House Rules

R U OK Day?

Tomorrow is R U OK Day and I’m not really sure how I feel about it. Since Ben passed, I have definitely been more open with my feelings and how I’m really actually feeling. Because we all know the stock… Read More »R U OK Day?

Ben Hocking

My name is Hayleigh.I am 28 years old.I am from Melbourne, Australia.I am now also, forever broken. On Sunday May 15th 2016, part of me died along with my brother, Ben. On that Sunday, my world was turned upside down… Read More »Ben Hocking