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2020 – What we got up to

2020 was a year to remember and also for some a year to forget.

Our events were put to a halt due to Covid restrictions and our online store closed for a while there too. We missed interacting & meeting new faces at events, but it’s what needed to be done to keep everyone safe.

We feel very lucky that in 2016 we understood the power of an online community & decided reduce stigma and create mental health literacy through an online platform.

This meant that we could continue to spread the message of its okay not to be okay online relatively easily.

Here’s some highlights of 2020 that made us proud.

  • Helped promote local organizations and resources for mental health that the community may not otherwise be aware of.
  • Provided grief packs to people who have lost loved ones to suicide.
  • Sponsored Craig Black in a local Bushfire cricket fundraiser.
  • We were featured in an article for the Peninsula Wide magazine sharing our story & how we are supporting people through covid 19.
  • Created self care cards to be sent with every order.
  • We received a Commendation from the Mornington Shire for our volunteering work.
  • We made a $5,000 contribution to Support After Suicide so they can continue their work offering counseling to those bereaved by suicide.
  • Created awareness about grief & how to support people who have lost loved ones
  • Created new items of merchandise to bring our message to new audiences
  • Provided a place for people to share photos of and pay tribute to loved ones and their story.
  • Created video content for R U OK day with Tomorrow Man.
  • Worked hard with our lawyers and got our NFP status!
  • Trademarked our brand.
  • Took part in the 2020 push up challenge.
  • Created a campaign of people sharing their stories about grief, loss, being brave, being lucky, living with PTSD, and love.
  • Funded 20 mental health sessions for Positive Psychology clients to support people’s mental health on the Mornington Peninsula.

By buying our merch and supporting our cause and brand we are able to give back to the community and help to improve mental health of those struggling out there, so thank you for all your continued support this year.